Pickup Service

Denver Area Pickup (Most Moves) with 3-Month or Longer Stay --  Just $100 -$200!

Don't need Moving Help?
Get 1/2 off your first month with a 2-month stay, instead!

Pack your stuff up and we'll pick it up from a lobby, garage, or curb-side location and deliver it to your storage unit! Unlike other companies, you'll have your own private unit in our central Denver location, not a warehouse; this means you can visit your stuff anytime to add or remove items, and we do not require a 2-day advance notice at a far away location as other companies do.

How to Arrange a Pickup:

1. Estimate your move

We can generally handle up to a small 1-bedroom apartment, but we might not be able to handle far away, large, or cumbersome moves. But no matter the size, call us, if we can make it work, we'll do it!

2. Call us to arrange your move

We'll ask what you're moving, whether there are stairs or an elevator, how many helpers you'll need. These questions will help us arrange your move. We'll also help you determine what size unit you need and the monthly rate. There are no hidden fees and you're welcome to use your own padlock, or buy from us for just $7.95. We'll let you choose your unit either in person or online. You can arrange the whole process without leaving the comfort of your own home! We'll arrange the time to schedule for pickup at this time.

3. Get ready for your move in

Make sure all your items are securely boxed and ready for pickup at your scheduled time. Beds should be disassembled and dressers should have drawers removed. Items with doors should be securely taped. Make sure everything is ready for pickup at your designated location. Helpers will come with straps and blankets to help secure your items. If you choose the no contact offer, have your items to be picked up ready in a garage, lobby or outside your home at this time. All communication with us and your mover can be done by cell phone. Our helpers take pride in taking good care of your stuff all for $100 (Small - Medium Units) or $200 (Large Units).

*Offer subject to change without notice and some restrictions apply. Offers may not be combined. 3-month, or longer stay required for pickup offer.